Installation Services

Installation ServicesMany of our portable structures are designed for Do It Yourself Installation, so it is up to you as to whether you outsource the job to an installer or not.  

Contact your local Council before ordering your structure.  Temporary Structures come under the Special Buildings Act, and usually can remain installed for up to 2 years without the need to request permission for their site ... However as all towns and cities have their own rules, don't take that for granted.  Neighbors and Councils are interested in safety and aesthetics.

If you plan to site your structure permanently, then the rules are different.  If you are in an urban locality, (and some rural) you must gain siting approval for longer term structures.

It is important that your team be up for the job physically and have the certificates necessary to work safely at heights and use the equipment required (forklifts, scissor lifts, etc) if needed on your structure.  If structures are not built to our standards, your warranties could be voided.

You will need to consider what type of ground you will place your structure on to secure the correct footings.

We have several options to assist you with an installation

  1. We can put you in touch with a local installer
  2. We can supply a supervisor to plan the job then guide your team onsite 
  3. We can supply a full team (subject to availability)

Project Management & Partnerships

Special Project Services and Partnerships include:

  • Holiday Village Cabin Complex Design and Installation
  • Retirement Village Design, Construction and Development
  • Market Complex Design and Structure Manufacture and Supply
  • Special Industry Projects (e.g. mining, rehabilitation, marine and aviation)
  • Special Need Housing ... Refugee, Disaster and Emergency Accommodation
  • Factory Plant or Warehouse Design and Construction