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Installation Services


Installation Services

Portable Building Installation Services

2022 Splash will focus on projects that will require the installation of multiple living or very large structures that will require our own teams to be part of those packages. 


Installation will become a critical part of our future as we drop (most) retailing and am looking forward to working with the new crew and partners of the future.  Splash is on the lighter end of construction so a good way for new comers and long termers to enter into an industry that is now very short of staff.


Splash (incorporating Arch Shelter) will work mostly with our own and supplied initiatives including Resorts, Essential Housing and Care Facilities plus the custom design fabric structures of Arch Shelter.


Special Project Services and Partnerships include:


  • Holiday Village Cabin Complex Design and Installation
  • Retirement Village Design, Construction and Development
  • Market Complex Design and Structure Manufacture and Supply
  • Special Industry Projects (e.g. mining, rehabilitation, marine and aviation)
  • Special Need Housing ... Refugee, Disaster and Emergency Accommodation
  • Factory Plant or Warehouse Design and Construction