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Event Shelters and Tents

Event Shelters and Inflatable Pavilions


Event Shelters, Tents and Pavilions


Splash Fabric Structures include a series of Industrial Strength Tents and Fabric Pavilions, ranging from PVC Aluminium Tents to Steel Frame Arch Shelters.


Fabric Structures range in size from 12 Meters to 100 Meters Wide.  Fabric Structures are found as Sports Halls and other Events or Entertainment Pavilions. 


A variety of Sport Halls and Pavilions

Double Truss Roof Frame very strong solution up to 30 meters wide


Event Shelters and Tents


Popular Aluminium Industrial Tents

The Bigger Guys Aluminium Tents comes in many shapes sizes, can be as fancy or basic as you like.


Aluminium PVC Industrial Tents

Aluminium Tents and Pavilions


Imported Super Arch Shelters Steel Frames and European Skins

Sizes available up to 40 meters wide used as Sports Halls in Europe, skins can be Fully fireproof (Aviation and Public Event Rated)



Artistic and Special Need Canopies, Stage and Theatre Roof

Most of our structures are custom designed so just tell us what you need



Fancy Domes for any Event, Exhibition or Entertainment need

Delightful structures for Weddings, Celebrations, Parks and Gardens.


Fancy Domes


Inflatable Air Arch Shelters Air Tube or Air Supported

Picture is an Aerostat Sports Hall - very popular in Europe for decades and can be kilometers in size.


Euro Inflatable Air Arch Shelters

Inside Inflatable Sports Domes


Container Shelters for Events and Entertainment

Sea Containers inspired a series of structures that can be Flat Pack, Pop Up or Converted Shipping Containers.  They are highly relocatable and can be made into the ultimate permanent or temporary dwelling, site office, coffee kiosks or stalls.

Flat Pack Container Shelters for Events and Entertainment 

Flat Pack Container Shelters for Events and Entertainment



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Arch Shelter Fabric Structures Moreton Bay Locality Introduction


Arch Shelter Fabric Structures Sydney Locality Introduction