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Equipment Shelters

Equipment Shelters


Equipment Shelters


Splash has marketed and installed fabric equipment shelters and fabric warehouses since 2003. 


This page is for capturing the audience that uses the terminology Equipment Shelters which is commonly associated with storage or workshop needs for small industry - e.g. storage or work spaces for small factories or servicing bays for vehicles e.g. cranes, trucks, buses, trains and boats. 


Relocatable Fabric Equipment Shelters otherwise known as Arch Shelters by Splash are quick to install and just like a big sail, feel good to work and play beneath. The lack of conductivity of fabric is what makes Summers cooler and Winters warmer than a traditional steel or aluminium roof.


Splash Arch Shelters can be an open shade roof or fully enclosed portable buildings. Splash Fabric Structures are used for open air workshops, paint bays, factories, warehouses and storage of small vehicles to vast rural and mining machinery.  Fabric shelters have been used in oil and gas, to shield chemicals, paints and construction equipment from the weather.


Fabric Equipment Shelters with Clear Span or Double Truss frames


Useful for storage of Industrial Vehicles e.g buses, tractors, graders, earth movers etc and for Workshops.


Fabric Dome Equipment Shelters with Clear Span or Double Truss frames

Double Truss Dome Equipment Shelters with Frame or Post Sides


Fabric Equipment Shelter


Hull Arch Shelters Equipment Shelters

Hull Roof handles wind, rain or snow better than other shapes.


Hull Roof Equipment Shelters


Clear Span Dome Equipment Shelters

Dome Roof is the most popular shelter due to its practical shape. Canopy can be mounted upon walls, posts, frames or shipping containers.


Clear Span Equipment Shelters


Container Shelter Dome Equipment Shelters

Containers are great supports for a canopy, they add ballast when locking structure down (saves tons of concrete) and provide a handy secure lock up.  Can be fully enclosed with fabric walls or some customers use gates to secure their structure.


Fabric Container Equipment Shelter


Equipment Shelter Designs


Relocatable Equipment Shelters

Relocatable Equipment Shelters 

Equipment Container Shelters 


The Future is Inflatable

I want women to be able to install our structures and these will make it possible (how many men does it take to change a lightbulb? :-) ) - but seriously imagine ... there will be no need for cranes or high work, just forklifts to roll out, lock down and secure the structure with its unique steel supports.

Discussed the design in detail with our European Aerostat Engineers pre-covid.


Inflatable Equipment Shelter Designs



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