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Relocatable Warehouses

Fabric Warehouses


Relocatable Warehouses


Splash offers a variety of portable and fixed, fast build warehouse concepts.


We have been marketing Fabric Warehouses for many years, they are quick to assemble and can be moved easily at any stage in the future ... very useful for temporary or seasonal needs.


Fabric Warehouses are popular for storing many items or managing produce as packing sheds , e.g. fisheries, fruit and vegetables. As a result of the increasing weather engineering has become more important for siting Fabric Structures in Australia and we must take the weather and terrain into consideration to determine where we will source our structures.

We can promise however that most of our fabric structures are engineered to handle cyclones better than many shed products on the market.


Fabric PV Hull Roof Warehouse

Fabric Structure below warehoused passenger buses.  Hull Roof is the best manager of wind, rain and snow.


Relocatable Warehouses  


Warehouses or Workshops Steel Frames in Clear Span or Double Truss.

PVC Warehouses come in many shapes and sizes - for example side frame can be 1 to 6 meters high, roof dome can be 2 - 6 meters high.

Double Truss Steel Relocatable Warehouse 


Dome Fabric Warehouses

Dome on the Ground (Ground Shelters) give maximum wind protection from least drag - which is why this shape has been used for aircraft hangars since aircraft were invented.   Image pictured is a basic clear span model


Warehouse Dome Arch Shelters sit on Ground


Dome Arch Shelter another clear span model can be mounted upon posts, frames or sea containers.  


Dome Warehouse


Aircraft Storage Warehouses

Fabric Hangars are great for small aircraft and service bays.  Hail bounces off.


PVC Aircraft Warehouse


Aluminium Industrial Tents and Pavilions

make excellent Warehouses with the option of hard walls and doors.


Industrial Tents Warehouse


The Grand Chinese Polygon Industrial Tent

No frills but a great work horse - huge spaces up to 100 metres wide.


 Aluminium Poligon Industrial Tent




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