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Inflatable Buildings and Structures

Relocatable Inflatable Air Arch Shelters


Inflatable Buildings and Structures


New for 2020 (but on hold until the end of Covid 19) Splash entered the Inflatable Buildings and Structures Service where we offer a series of Australian and European Inflatable concepts. 


Splash Air Arch Inflatables is a service for sourcing and developing temporary and semi-permanent spaces such as Industrial Shade Shelters; Sports and Entertainment Pavilions; Public Event Shade Structures; Floating Roofs; Inflatable Igloos for Cabins and Offices; plus other industrial or public spaces.


The difference between Euro Pavilions and Air Arches is inflation management.


Euro Inflatable Pavilions


Splash Air Europ Inflatable Pavilion


Euro Inflatable Pavilions are aerostats (big balloons) i.e., filled constantly with air (no gas) using electrical inflation systems.   Entry and Exit is via space hatches, revolving doors or vertical blinds that hold air inside structure.  These massive types of structures have been popular in Europe for some decades, particularly as sports pavilions.


Cost effective electricity can be gained through portable solar and wind turbine generators.


Small Euro Inflatable Sports Building inside and out.

Euro Inflatable Shelters - Indoor Sports perfect    Euro Inflatable Shelters - Indoor Sports perfect



Inflatable Air Arches


Air Arch Inflatable Pavilions


Inflatable Air Arches (external view at top of page) Pavilions and Floating Roofs are supported by air tubes filled with air (and occasionally helium), which is retained and locked within the structure, topping up as necessary. 


Again, cost effective and sustainable electricity can be sourced through portable solar and wind turbine generators. 


Industrial Strength Air Arches tubes are stabilized by a tensile canopy and/or straps plus a clever internal valve system that keeps structure tight and prevents early deflation (even if damaged). Extra stabilizing is supplied by steel uprights for high wind sites. 


Engineering of Air Arches and Roofs is the brain child of Aerostat Aviation Engineers.


Inflatable Designs


Air Arch Wind Performer



Air Arch Tunnel Dome Inflatable Building       


Air Arch Tunnel Gable Roof Inflatable Building


Air Arch Lite Shade Tunnel     


Air Arch Euro Inflatable Pavilion


Euro Inflatable Dome Pavilion     


Air Arch Inflatable Dome Pavilion


Air Arch Floating Roof


Ball Park Price Questions:

How much is a 40 Meter x 40 Meter Euro Inflatable worth? 

Customers (2022) are looking at approximately 85,000  (US$96,000 AU$136,000) for a standard 125 kph ready engineered structure plus shipping and supervised installation. 


How much is a 40 Meter x 40 Meter Air Arch Inflatable worth?  

Customers (2022) are looking at approximately 93,000 (US$112,600 AU$148,000) for a standard 125 kph ready engineered structure plus shipping.


Considerations should be given to special weather conditions, site altitudes and local laws concerning fabric structures.


Aviation Structures and Public Place Structures will require Fireproof fabrics as opposed to the standard Fire Retardent.


Shipping Costs

In 2020 Average sea shipping cost was US$1,200 - US$1,800 for a 40 foot sea container to most countries, please anticipate this being substantially more while Covid persists ... 


Expect to pay a further 15-25% Customs Duties, Forwarders Fees and Local Taxes upon arrival at your Port.



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