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Portable Aircraft Hangars

Relocatable Portable Aircraft Hangars


Relocatable Aircraft Hangars


We have focused on Fabric Portable Hangars for the last 15 years and as the weather seems to be changing to stay, it is even more important to get aircraft, large and small out of the elements and under cover.


We have come up with a range of fully fireproof, relocatable Hangars and Shade Shelters which should satisfy even the strictest of naysayers.


2022 The Aviation Industry can finally get excited and comfortable about protecting aircraft from the sun, hail and other weather, including cyclones.   Arch Shelter will be launching our own Fireproof (Aviation Grade Fabrics) Relocatable Hangars and Aircraft Shade Protection up to 100 meters wide.


Some of our Aircraft Hangars and Shelters


Aviation Grade PVC and Steel Super Arch Shelters

The Europeans produce the finest Fabric Structures in the world, we were thrilled to find these fabric and steel shelters that can be up to 40 meters wide and can have fully fireproof European Aviation grade skins which are suitable for Primary Air Strips in Australia. 


European Fabric Dome Hangars Aviation Rated


Air Craft Shelters and Fully Enclosed Fabric Hangars

Domes and Hull Arches, fully enclosed or shade shelter

Hull Shape Fabric Portable Hangars Shades    Fully Enclosed Relocatable Fabric Aircraft Hangars


Portable Hangar mounted upon Containers

Container Shelter Hangars are available up to 24 meters wide and great for smaller aircraft and helicopters with retractable rotor.  Can be fully enclosed or a tunnel shelter.




Arch Shelter Hangar Designs


 Portable Aircraft Hangars Arch Tent 


Portable Aircraft Hangars 


Relocatable Portable Aircraft Hangars



Arch Shelter Portable Aircraft Hangars


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