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Portable Helicopter Hangars

Portable Helicopter Hangars


Portable Helicopter Hangars


Splash has supplied relocatable helicopter hangars over the years, as far off as Africa and Afghanistan. Fabric structures make excellent protective portable covers keeping the helicopter cool (or warm) and comfortable for flight.  Many of the mining industries use them as temporary hangars but they are also used by many industries permanently.


Australia lags behind the world where fabric hangars are concerned, however you should know that Splash has benefited greatly from our long interest in Air Ships, giving us access to designers and engineers whom have worked with fabrics in aviation at the highest level and are available to design extraordinarily cost effective structures. 


Introducing the Splash Air Arches ... inflatable fabric structures that are so strong they can be manufactured to kilometer sizes using fire proof fabrics.  Very futuristic and we feel a great option for temporary hangars.


Many Options for Retractable Rotor Helicopter Models

Most of our shelters from 6 meters wide can be used for smaller retractable helicopters and aircraft. We have sold into the Military and Care Flight.


Portable Helicopter Hangars

Relocatable Helicopter Hangars


European Arch Shelters for Helicopter Protection

The Ferrari of the range these Ssuper Shelters can be up to 40 Meters Wide with optional fireproof fabric that would make excellent temporary helicopter hangars and satisfy strict safety codes for Military and Primary Airstrips.


Portable Helicopter Hangars  


Aluminium Pavilions are Industrial Strength Tents

Poligon Roof Shape Structures can be up to 100 Meters Square - they are custom designed to order so can be as basic or fancy as you like.  Fire Retardent Fabrics - Fireproof available upon request.


Portable Temporary Helicopter Hangars


Hull Shaped Hangars available in Clear Span and Double Truss

Hull shaped hangars are perfect for high tail aircraft as well as fixed rotor helicopters.


Hull Shaped Hangars for Helicopters



More Splash Helicopter Suggestions


Helicopter Container Hangar used by Mining   


Steel Truss Helicopter Hangar used by Aviation


Hull Shaped Steel Truss Arch Shelter up to 40 meters





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