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Railway Canopies and Covers

Railways and Train Stations Fabric Structures


Rail Tram and Logistics Shelters Solutions


Many of our portable structures are ideal for the Rail, Tram and other Logistics Industries.  We offer project management and customized solutions for a range structures that we can manufacture in China, Europe, USA or Australia.


Fabric Tunnels

How long, wide and high is needed for your train and tram operations?

We can design and custom build suited structures include mounting on wheels and track sliders.


 Railway Canopies and Covers 


Container Shelters

Containers make excellent supports for Temporary and Relocatable Canopies.

Many organisations will convert the containers into offices and workshops.


 Container Shelters for Rail and Tram Operations


Hangar Domes as wide, long and high as you like


Long and Wide Dome Arch Shelters for Rail

High Arch Shelter


More Suggested Designs


Railway Canopies and Covers  


Railway Canopies and Covers


Dome Arch Shelters for Rail and Tram


Hull Arch Shelters for Rail and Tram


Portable Buildings

We also offer some interesting relocatable buildings inspired by the sea container that could also be very useful.    


 Railway Portable Buildings 


 Expandable Portable Buildings


   Temporary Railway Container Buildings



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