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Relocatable Storage Sheds

Relocatable Fabric PVC Storage Shelters


Relocatable Storage Sheds Australia


The world is changing! Portable Buildings and Relocatable Structures are now being used for not just temporary needs but also semi-permanent structures, this includes a variety of styles and sizes of storage sheds.   The convenience of being able to relocate storage buildings is just good business sense in these unpredictable times.


Most of our Steel and PVC Fabric Structures have been used as Relocatable Storage Buildings for some decades. 


Shipping Containers inspired a series of Flat Pack and Pop-Up Structures in China, that are very relocatable and can be used to store anything. They work brilliantly in China and other Asian countries, but these countries have a lower standard of structure requirements to keep them cheap, unfortunately what we had seen were not suitable for Australia or the South Pacific in fact they were dangerous,  so we abandoned our orders and began to work with the factories to change the quality and looking forward to continuing the quest now that Covid is settling.  


Regardless, the online shopping programs who are not so interested in our safety, are now flooded with these types of structures.  Please be cautious if you are buying online.  What you see is not necessarily what you will get and unfortunately due to a technical hitch in our building laws, "Relocatable Buildings" can slip by good sense.   Some of our structural Engineers (particularly in Queensland) who are signing off these structures should be prosecuted.


Note:  Splash no longer retails we now Design, Source and Install for Projects only.  


Examples of Relocatable Shed Solutions


The Expandable Container Shelter

Originally designed in a Melbourne University (I believe) this concept was very lever and is used for storage, offices and cabins.  There are now many copycat structures available.


Expandable Portable Storage Sheds


The Flat Pack Container Shed

Flat Pack Containers are about 6 inches less wide than a sea container (so they can be bulk transported in Sea Containers to save costs). Once assembled they can be lifted by a crane using the container twist lock facility on the Corners.  We can also make especially sized canopies for these structures.  


Flat Pack Container Shelter Shed


A Chinese Flat Pack Container Shed or Dwelling

What we liked about the Chinese Flat Pack is they are clad from Rolled Steel which can be screen printed in any pattern or photo you like.   As you can see their corner beams are much narrower than a sea container, which makes these models unsuited to Australia, but we are working to improve that.


Chinese Flat Pack Container Shelter


A Chinese Pop-Up Container

Such a brilliant idea, but the issue with these structures was they were not sealing properly so rain and humidity would be a serious problem and the wall insulation would eventually stink.  Again, we were working to alleviate the problems.


Pop Up Container Shelter Shed


A Container Storage Concepts


Portable Container Storage Sheds

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