Container Cabins

 Container Cabin is a term that refers to any building that was originally a sea container, or a flat pack structure that emulates the humble shipping container.

Splash has a variety of Container Cabins which we send all across the world from China and Australia, starting with the original converted Sea Container Cabins to our new insulated pop up container cabins.

 Container Office, Shops and  Kiosks    Container Office, Shops and  Kiosks

Container Office, Shops and  Kiosks   


Splash Pop Up Container Structures AKA "Splash Transformers" . because they transform from a flat pack into a cabin, store or office in under 5 minutes.

We have two style of Splash Transformers  a side wall lift and end wall raise ...each has it's own benefits and feature.   Fast Deploy really handy to industries on the move e.g.  oil and gas,  mining, road works, rail ways ... etc.  .. 

We feel they are a better alternative to a tent - they are ready insulated with lockable doors and windows to make a very comfortable instant cabin, office or work room.  

Sea Container Cabins - there have been some amazing designs show up for public shops and kiosks, there are also some stunning designs for a very affordable relocatable add on to home or office,  or fast to deploy studio or granny flat.